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"Until some company makes the ultimate battery; one that doesn’t need frequent recharging, then most of us will have to deal with power issues, especially in terms of conservation. For me where this was super important was earlier this month while at CES 2015. At CES(Consumer Electronics Show) I was constantly on my mobile phone checking what meeting was next, what time it was, where I needed to head to get there and much more. Plus throw in the fact that I was texting my girlfriend and my family, taking loads of pictures of the scenery, I was absolutely running through battery juice as if the thing was hooked to an IV. This where the Ventev Powercell 6000+ portable charger was a true lifesaver, or shall I say battery saver."

Cliff Wade, Tech Dissected
, Ventev Powercell 6000+: My Lifesaver While at CES 2015

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