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"The great thing about stocking stuffers is that it’s a great chance to show the gift recipient how well you know him or her with something that probably wouldn’t make the best straight-up gift. My mom, for example, knows I dig airplanes. All kinds of airplanes. Each year, therefore, she gets me whatever’s next in the Hallmark airplane ornament collection thing. This isn’t something I ever ask for, but it’s something I appreciate…even if my Christmas tree has turned into something of a well-lit but quite prickly aeronautics museum.

As such, if you’ve got a relative with a modern iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ve got a relative with a need for a Lightning cable. Apple gives you one, but it’s not the best in quality (I’m surprised by how easily they crimp and tear). And even if the condition is fine, having an extra one available for the car, office or just another room is always a good idea.

Thing is, Apple charges too much for theirs, and you get no special options. The Lightning cables listed here are less expensive, they’re MFi compliant, and they each bring something a little different to the table."

Kirk Hiner, Technology Tell
, Stocking Stuffers for the Tech Savvy: Lightning Cables

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