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Let Us Help You

1.) How do I submit a warranty claim?

To submit a warranty claim, please fill in the Warranty Request form here.

2.) What does my warranty cover?

Both the limited and limited lifetime warranties cover defects in material and workmanship of the product. The warranties do not cover damages caused by accident, misuse, modification or normal wear and tear.

3.) I have submitted a warranty claim, but have not heard back?

Once a warranty request is submitted, an automated message will be sent to you with a case number. Please allow 7-10 business days for a replacement. If after 10 business days you have not heard from a Ventev representative or received your replacement, please send an email to info@ventev.com with your case number.

4.) Are my purchases through Amazon Marketplace covered under your product warranty?

Amazon.com is an authorized Ventev dealer provided the item you purchase is sold and fulfilled by Amazon. If the product you purchased was not sold and fulfilled by Amazon, then the product purchased was through Amazon Marketplace, an unauthorized dealer. However, we will honor the warranty applicable to the product purchased through the unauthorized dealer. We will send a box and return label for your item(s). Upon inspection and determination of the issue, a replacement will be issued if needed.

5.) How do I open the power tube packaging?

Simply remove the black lid from the bottom of the tube, and slide out your product.

6.) My toughglass screen protector cracked while protecting my handset's screen, is this covered under warranty?

The toughglass screen protector is designed to give your device an extra safety measure to increase the screen's resistance. If the toughglass cracks while protecting your device, it has performed as designed and is not covered under the product's warranty.

7.) When will I know if my powercell is fully charged?

While your powercell is charging one of the four LED lights will be blinking indicating the current battery status. Your powercell will indicate fully charged when all LED's are fully lit and stop blinking.

8.) My powercell 5000 does not work with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

At the time of the launch of powercell 5000, all handsets and tablets were charging as intended. As new devices and operating systems are introduced, additional compatibility testing is completed. It was discovered that the software in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 were not properly recognizing the powercell 5000. As universal compatibility is a key Ventev power product feature, we are sending powercell 5000 and Samsung Galaxy S 5 or Galaxy Note 4 owners a 'dongle' that will allow the powercell 5000 to max rate charge these devices.

9.) How long will it take to fully charge my powercell's battery?

See the chart below for some of our popular battery powered product charge times.


Battery Size

Typical Charge Time

powercell 3000

3000 mAh

3-4 hours

powercell 3015

3000 mAh

3-4 hours

powercell 5000

5000 mAh

5-6 hours

powercell 6000+

6000 mAh

4-5 hours

chargedock 2000

2000 mAh

2-3 hours

dashport r900

900 mAh

2-3 hours

Utilizing a maximum charge rate will ensure the least amount of time to charge your powercell.

10.) How can I manually reset my powercell unit?

powercell 3000: Connect AC input (Micro USB) into charger to reset battery
powercell 3015: Push power button to reset battery
powercell 3015+ : Connect AC input (Micro USB) into charger to reset battery or push power button to reset battery
powercell 3015c : Push power button to reset battery
powercell 5000: Connect AC input (Micro USB) into to charger to reset battery
powercell 6000: Push power button to reset battery

11.) How do I recharge the powerdash r900?

You can recharge the internal battery by plugging it into your vehicle power outlet or using the Micro USB input via a wall or computer's USB port. Recharge time is 2-3 hours. The LED light will turn green once the powerdash r900 is fully charged.

12.) How does the powerdash r900 turn on and off?

When plugged into your car the powerdash r900 is always on. In battery mode, the LED button must be pressed to turn the unit on, and automatically turns off after 20 seconds with a device plugged in.

13.) Do I have to remove my powercase in order to use my device?

No, you not need to remove your powercase in order to use your device. The powercase is designed to charge your device while allowing you to use all functions of you device at all times.

14.) My dashport r2240 simply stopped working, but once I reinsert it, it begins to work again. Is that normal?

The dashport r2240 does not have an "auto" reset function. Once the device is fully charged, the dashport r2240 will turn itself off to protect the device. In order to reset the charger, simply unplug and plug the dashport r2240 back into cigarette lighter to reset the circuit.

15.) Is my lightning cable certified by Apple?

Yes. All Ventev lightning products are certified by Apple. You can find the MFI (Made for iPhone) badge on our packaging for lightning products.

16.) When plugging in my lightning cable to my device, I received an error message stating "this device is not compatible." Is this normal?

In previous iOS software updates, we have seen Apple devices not recognizing the previously used cables. This does not mean your cable is defective; there may be a glitch in the software update. Before submitting a warranty claim, please clean the cable connector and charging port of the device and reinsert the cable.

17.) Will the Quickcharge q1200 products charge my phone faster?

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 delivers up to 75% faster charging than conventional USB charging with devices that are Quick Charge compatible.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is compatible with devices with Snapdragon 800 processors. These devices are currently Quick Charge enabled. The QC 2.0 is only valid on 800 and above processors. QC 1.0 just means the phone charges at 5 Volts and more than 1 Amp. Snapdragon 400 and 600 processors are not capable of QC 2.0 (9 Volts).

This charger is backwards compatible between Quick Charge 1.0 and Quick Charge 2.0.

This charger rapid charges Micro USB devices and will charge Apple products at 1A.

18.) How does the regen case repair itself?

The regen case is coated with a highly durable and elastic material which has the ability to "heal" itself when scratched. This scratch-healing technology allows the material to regenerate thereby eliminating the scratch.

19.) Does the scratch-healing technology on the regen case work on all grades of scratches?

While the regen case is extremely durable, some deeper scratches may not disappear.

20.) How do I register my Ventev product?

In order to register the purchase of a Ventev product, simply email info@ventev.com. In the email, include your name, address, a copy of your receipt and a picture of the product.

21.) I have a new Type C device. Can I still use my existing charger? 

Yes, you can use your old charger as long as it has a Type A output. In that case you can use the Ventev A->C cable to charge your device.

22.) Will my A->C cable damage the current charger (any USB port) I am using?  

No it will not since Ventev USB Type C products are USB specification compliant. 

23.) What type of resistor does your A->C cable use? 

Our cable uses the 56K resistor which is the approved USB specification for A->C cables.

24.) What does a resistor do within the A->C cable? 

The resistor value allows your Type C device to charge safely with your existing USB chargers. 

25.) Is the USB-Type C cable reversible? 

Yes, the USB-Type C end of the cable is reversible – there is no wrong way to plug in. 

26.) What type of resistor does the C<->C cable use? 

The C<->C cable does not have a resistor. It does not need a resistor because a CC wire is present within the cable. This specific wire provides the line of communication for power negotiation between the charger and device. 

27.) Are there any other benefits to using a Type C cable? 
Yes, data speed is another benefit of using a Type C cable. The real benefit is experienced when using a USB Type C 3.1 cable.  

Data Speed

Current Rating




 1.5A-3A lowest
c<->c 2.0

c<->c 3.1




28.) What’s the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.1?  

The main difference between 2.0 and 3.1 is the data speed. USB 2.0 can transfer data at a maximum speed of 480Mbps. USB 3.1 can transfer data at a maximum speed of 10Gbps. USB 3.1 can also support HD video and other alternate modes.

29.) Is there a difference in charging between USB Type C charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0? 

Typically, USB Type C mobile devices charge at 5V, 3A = 15W and Qualcomm Quick Charge charges mobile devices at 9V, 1.67A = 15W. There is a slight edge in charging time with Qualcomm Quick Charge which could vary from device to device. 

30.)  Can I bring my powercell on an airplane?

Yes, TSA and the airlines will allow you to carry your powercell portable battery onto the plane! You will, however, need to bring it with you in your carry on or personal item. . For more information please refer directly to TSA: https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/hazmat_safety/more_info/?hazmat=7.


31.)   Are Ventev products Proposition 65 compliant?  

All Ventev products and packaging have been tested and are confirmed to be Prop 65 compliant.  Ventev products and packaging are free of any harmful chemicals as identified by the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, who administers the Proposition 65 program.

32.) For the wallport r430 charger, what do the shared 3 ports mean?

The 3 ports share a total of 3 amps which will sufficiently charge up to 3 devices at the same time. If three devices are plugged in simultaneously, the charger will allocate power across the three devices. Not all devices may receive optimal power for charging using the three shared ports.

33.)  Can I optimally charge 4 devices at the same time without affecting the charging speed with the wallport r430 charger?

Not all devices may receive optimal power for charging using all four ports. For non Type-C devices, use the dedicated 2.4A port. For Type-C devices, use the Type-C port.

34.)  Is the wallport r430 charger just for power or also syncing?

The wallport r430 is for charging only, not for syncing or data transfer.

35.)  Will my existing Ventev chargesync A->C 2.0 cable work with the wallport r1300

A USB C<->C cable is used with the wallport r1300.

36.)  What is the difference between a Ventev chargesync C<->C 3.1 cable and a Ventev chargesync C<->C 2.0  cable?

While it has the same current rating, the Ventev chargesync C<->C 3.1 cable provides faster data transfer speed

See the chart below:

Data Speed

Current Rating




 1.5A-3A lowest
c<->c 2.0

c<->c 3.1




37.)  What is the difference between USB 3.0 and USB 3.1?

USB 3.0 is an old term that has been replaced by USB 3.1 generation 1 (Gen 1).  USB 3.1 is designated as having two generations. Generation 1 has data speeds up to 5Gbps, while Generation 2 has a data speeds up to 10Gbps.

38.)  What is an E-marker?

An E-marker (electronic marker) is a term to describe the authentication between the charger and the cableIt is also called a “handshake” that confirms they are compatible.

39.)  Will the Ventev powercell 3015c with Type-C cable provide the fastest charging rate for my handset?

No, the Ventev powercell 3015c with Type-C cable provides 1.5A.

40.)  If my device’s battery is completely dead, will the Ventev powercell 3015c with Type-C cable charge my device fully?

No, if the battery is completely dead and due to the energy to recharge, the device may not reach 100%, but will be charged sufficiently for use.

41.)  How can I charge my Ventev powercell 3015c with Type-C?

You can charge the Ventev powercell 3015c with the included Micro USB cable.

42.)  What is the difference between toughglass and toughglass edge to edge screen protection?

The toughglass screen protector is a clear piece of glass that only covers the screen of the device. The toughglass edge to edge screen protector provides full face coverage for either a curved handset (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)  or handsets that have a curved face (i.e. LG G5)  

43.) With the chargesync 2-in-1 cable (micro/type c), can I charge two devices at once?

The chargesync 2-in-1 cable combines two connectors in one. You can either charge a USB micro B device or USB Type-C device.

44.) With the chargesync 2-in-1 cable (micro/type c), is it USB 2.0 or 3.1?

The chargesync 2-in-1 cable supports USB 2.0 data speeds.

45.) Is the Type-C adapter removable from the chargesync 2-in-1 cable?

The Type-C adapter can slide along the cable, but it is not removable.

46.)  For the USB charginghub rq600, what does the green outlined USB port mean?

This dedicated universal port (up to 3A) has Qualcomm ® Quick Charge ™ 3.0 technology for compatible devices. It will deliver the optimal charge rate for devices plugged into this port only.

47.) For the USB charginghub rq600, what do the shared 5 ports mean? 

The 5 ports share a total of 7.2 amps which will sufficiently charge up to 5 devices at the same time. If five devices are plugged in simultaneously, the charger will allocate power across the five devices. Not all devices may receive optimal power for charging using the five shared ports.

48.)  Is the USB charginghub rq600 just for power or also syncing?

The USB charginghub rq600 is for charging only, not for syncing or data transfer.

49.)  Is the USB charginghub rq600 compatible with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 devices?

Yes, it is backwards compatible with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 devices.

50.)  Is the USB charginghub rq600 also a backup battery?

No, it only delivers power to devices when plugged into the wall outlet.

51.)  Can the USB charginghub rq600 be used overseas?

With the proper international adapter, it can be used overseas. No voltage converter is needed.

52.)  Can I use a case with the wirelesspro dock?

Yes, you can use a case when wirelessly charging your handset with the wirelesspro dock. One thing to note, if your case has metal within, your handset may not wirelessly charge.

53.)  What does Qi Stand for?  What is Qi 1.2.2?

Qi wireless charging is a standard that is managed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The WPC is a group of leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries that understand the untapped potential of wireless charging. There are two active levels of Qi wireless charging: low power (the lowest) and medium power (the highest). Qi is utilized by hundreds of manufacturers and in over 1200 products already on the market. With Qi wireless charging technology, the power cord is eliminated once and for all, allowing you to go truly wireless.

Qi 1.2.2 version was adopted in 2016 and supports high power charging.


54.)  How does Qi wireless technology work?

At the base station, electrical power is converted and transmitted to your device through magnetic induction. A receiver in your device relays information back to the base station, keeping the base up to speed with your power capacity and charging progress, eliminating overcharge.

55.)  What is A4WP and PMA?

Formed with the merger of Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), AirFuel Alliance includes leading brands from a diverse set of industries. AirFuel enables more of the world’s mobile devices to sync up with a growing network of AirFuel destinations, for wireless power that’s available where needed: at home and work, on our commutes, and in other public venues.

56.)  How do I charge the wirelesspro dock?

In order for the wirelesspro dock to work correctly, you will need to use all the components provided in the wireless charging car kit. The wirelesspro dock needs to be plugged into the included dashport rq1300 via the included Micro USB cable.

57.)  Which handsets are compatible with the wirelesspro dock?

Please check with your device manufacturer to see if your handset is able to charge wirelessly. Some devices have built in receivers and some require additional accessories to receive a charge wirelessly.

58.)  Does the wirelesspro dock vent mount fit every vehicle dash vent?

The vent mount was designed to be universal. The rotating vent clip is compatible with most vehicle dash vents.


59.)  What do the LED lights indicate on the wirelesspro dock?

Flashing blue: dock is charging

Solid blue: dock is fully charged

Flashing or solid red: fault

Check for debris between the handset and the cradle and reinsert handset/device. Fault may also occur because the unit has become too hot.

This can happen in the winter if hot air is blowing from the vents. If charging stops, remove the phone from the cradle until the interior of the car has warmed up. 

When the car is warm the amount ofair and the lower temperature of the air will allow charging to restart. Replace you phone and it will start charging.


60.)  Why does my phone start charging after stopping at a red light?

Some newer cars have a gas saving system called Stop/Start where the ignition is stopped when the brake pedal is pressed and restarts once it is released. When this happens, the power to the wirelesspro dock may be interrupted long enough that your handset will need to re-establish the connection with the phone; once that happens charging will start again.   

61.)  How long does it take to charge the battery in the chargestand 3000c?

It take approximately 2.5-3 hours to charge the battery.

62.)  Can I use the chargestand 3000c with my computer/laptop?

Yes, it can be used with a computer/laptop by plugging into the computer’s USB output.

63.)  How do I charge the charge stand?

It can be charged with any charger or computer/laptop using a Micro USB cable.

64.)  Can I charge my tablet with the chargestand 3000c?

The chargestand 3000c is not the optimal charging solution for a tablet; however, it will provide a charge.

65.)  How do I turn on the chargestand 3000c?

Hold the power button to turn on when using as a battery.

Tap the button to check the battery level.

66.)  How do I check the battery level on the chargestand 3000c?

Tap the button to check the battery level.

Hold the power button to turn on when using as a battery.

67.)  Is there an automatic shut-off on the chargestand 3000c?

Yes, after 1 hour of non-use, the chargestand 3000c will automatically shut down. It can also be shut off immediately by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

68.)  How do I take the cable in and out on the chargestand 3000c?

For horizontal orientation: make sure connector tip is vertical, then gently push backwards to unlatch connector from base.   To put back into chargestand, make sure connector is vertical and snap back into home position. The instructions are also in the manual and on the inside of the lid of the chargestand 3000c.


69.)  Can I use my device in portrait and landscape orientation with the chargestand 3000c?

Yes, the cable must be removed in order to use the device in landscape mode.

70.)  Can the chargestand 3000c charge its’ battery and a device simultaneously?

Yes, but it will charge the device first.

71.)  Does the chargestand 3000c need to be removed from it power source in order to charge a device?

No, it will charge the attached the device, then the battery.

72.)  What is Power Delivery?

Power Delivery is a quick charging method defined by USB and ranges from supporting mobile phones to laptops. 

73.)  Will Power Delivery harm my device?

This technology will not harm your device.  Power Delivery has safeguards to communicate with the device to provide the right charge, even if your device does not have Power Delivery.

74.)  Is my device compatible with Power Delivery?

Many of the Type-C™ devices are compatible, but the charger is designed to be universal.  Many non Type-C devices do not support Power Delivery, but are still able to be charged with a Power Delivery Charger.

75.)  Do Ventev wireless charging products charge the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X?

Yes, all Ventev wireless products are Qi certified, making them compatible with the iPhone 8, 8 plus and X.

76.) Do Ventev wireless charging products support iPhones launched before the iPhone 8?

iPhones launched before the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were not wirelessly enabled.  However, wireless receiving accessories are available to enable wireless charging through a case or adapter.

77.) Do Ventev wireless charging products support the Apple Watch?

No, Apple Watch currently does not support Qi standard charging.

78.) If I have a case that has metal or magnets, will it interfere with wireless charging?

Yes, it will interfere with the wireless charging and may trigger the red fault light on the wirelesspro dock and the wireless chargestand.