November 23, 2015

3 reasons why premium mobile accessories are worth the price

By Team Ventev Topic: Tech Specs

Every day, millions of mobile device users experience accessory bombardment – confronted with charger, cable, and case choices from the dollar aisle at Target to the endless pages of Amazon.

With so many colors, brands, styles, sizes, shapes, prices – yet not much education on the technology – we usually select what we think best meets our needs at the time: Blue. Pretty. Cheap.

But while a low price seems like the right choice at the cash register, over the lifetime of the accessory, you’ll see the true cost of paying less: Buying that accessory again and again as it breaks or fails. But if you can spend a little more up front for a premium accessory, you’ll walk away with a product constructed with thoughtful R&D, superior engineering, and higher quality components that’ll last a lot longer and outperform the discount brands. Not to mention the warranty attached to many premium products that covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

Here’s why each of those aspects should be among your top criteria when looking for a new mobile accessory.

More R&D, better build

A lot of behind-the-scenes research is put into creating a quality product. R&D starts with consumer research to understand user needs and learn what they consider critical to quality. Next comes benchmarking, which examines what’s already in the market and where competitive products may be missing the mark. Engineers use this information to design a product from which a prototype is created, tested and refined. Premium manufacturers also have access to the latest technical developments, which the team can translate into new products and/or features.

Prior to launch, multiple user scenarios are replicated to make sure the device does what it promises. Products are then tested again with consumers, who give hands-on feedback manufacturers can use for continuous enhancement and improvement.

Research takes time and resources, so part of the cost of premium accessories is the effort a manufacturer has invested in making sure a product not only has great initial quality but long-term resilience.

Engineered for user environments and requirements

The best mobile accessories aren’t just well-researched and durable; they’re the best performers in terms of charging, protecting, and/or connecting. Engineers factor in the user’s ever-changing environment (moisture, heat, cold, etc.) to create a product that can withstand the various conditions it could experience.

The engineering process often uncovers opportunities for innovation and improvement, like split circuitry and complementary accessories. That means better performance and also cool new products. Again, time and resources spent on engineering are incorporated into the cost of a premium accessory, and it’s money well spent when your devices work together in harmony with no effort from you.

The sum of quality parts is a greater whole

Quality starts with material selection. Many premium accessory manufacturers perform a deep-dive analysis of raw materials to select those that will perform the best and last the longest. That means asking questions of every material: What are its temperature limitations? How durable is it? Is there a risk of breaking?

The quality of raw materials directly affects the durability of a product, thereby making a better designed product last longer — and work better — than its discount counterpart. Often, a premium manufacturer will include a warranty option, extending their confidence in the product to the consumer. Warranties also mean better customer service and no-hassle replacements if something goes wrong with the product.

Premium manufacturers embrace a “buy nice, not twice” philosophy. So while their products may cost more up front, they’ll save you from having to spend more in the long run. That’s our vision at Ventev: obsess over the materials, engineering, and the look and feel of mobile accessories to produce the kind of high-quality, long-lasting products power users can depend on.

Next time you need a charger, cable, or case, keep this philosophy in mind, and do a little research of your own. You won’t find many premium products at the convenience store, but the quality you’ll experience will offer another level of convenience altogether.

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