May 30, 2017

30 Things – ChargeStand 3000c

By Team Ventev Topic: Devices Lifestyle

The Ventev chargestand 3000c is the combination phone stand and travel battery unlike any other. Check out these 30 things it makes possible.

  • Turn your phone into a mirror when you’re on the go.
  • Party w ith your favorite tunes three times longer as you charge simultaneously.
  • Keep your case on and keep multitasking as you plug in and out one-handed.

  • Power through a long flight while you charge and watch a movie at the same time.
  • Go under the hood with a mechanic’s tutorial.
  • Forget the selfie stick. Use this selfie stand to snap pics and charge at the same time.

  • Fix a flat bike tire while watching tutorial on the trail.
  • Show off your mad dance skills in a killer video.

  • Light up a camping trip with portable power for your phone’s flashlight.
  • Move away from the mirror and step up your #OOTD selfie game.

  • Kick workspace cable clutter.
  • Use that extra space to multitask at work.
  • Check your messages without the awkward lean-back-and-fumble-phone-out-of-pocket action.

  • Keep a DIY diagram handy for building or craft projects.
  • Capture the perfect cat eye swish as you video close-ups for your beauty blog.

  • Rock out while recording your first hit single.
  • Go on an off-the-grid adventure without wondering when you’ll find your next power source.
  • Video chat with your favorite grandkids or with your sister in Spain.

  • Power on-the-go presentations at a tradeshow, at your booth, and while walking the floor.

  • Entertain the kids with a movie on a long car ride.
  • Keep a recipe open and your phone clean.
  • Ask the internet why your recipe doesn’t look the way it did in the photo!

  • Introduce mom to mobile banking as she balances her checkbook with her bank’s mobile app.
  • Break free from crowded airport charging stations, and find your own comfortable charging spot.
  • Charge while you get homework help, and take as long as you need on that long division.

  • See fitness stats in real-time while on the treadmill, elliptical, or stepper.
  • Binge on TV from anywhere with portable power.
  • Follow along with your favorite yogi to stretch after that workout.

  • Charge up while you catch some Zs; rest your alarm clock on the stand.

  • Close the clamshell and pop the stand in your purse or backpack to power your tomorrow.

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