January 30, 2018

5 ways to keep cats and dogs from chewing on cables

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

When we look at cable clutter, we see a terrible mess. Our pets, on the other hand? That mess of wires looks like a playground made of treats covered in barbecue sauce.

Cats love to play with dangling cords. Dogs seem to think cables taste delicious.

So, we’re here with five easy tips to keep your pets away from charging cords. And it starts with organizing your cables.

Use a central charging hub: When we play with cats, we use dangling objects to get their attention. A hanging cord can read to a cat the same way. If it moves, there’s a good chance your cat will play with it. So, when there are multiple devices charging from a wall outlet or power strip on the floor, with lots of cables dangling, your cats think they’re in for a treat. To avoid this impending feast, use a central charging hub that sits on a desk or table to minimize the number of cables that dangle over the side.

Buy shorter cables: If you want to keep your cat from swatting at an errant long dangling cord, consider buying shorter cables and keep them near your charging hub. The shorter cable still gives your device all the juice it needs, but eliminates the tempting length that peeks your furry friend’s interest.

Shorten cables with twist ties: However, if your cables need to be long (I’m thinking about those at your bedside table), coil them into a tight circle with a piece of Velcro, or a twist tie when not in use. Our chargesync alloy line of cables include a cable management wrap to help, giving you the benefit of having a long and short cable all in one.

A bitter deterrent: Dogs, and to a lesser extent cats, love chewing on cables and cords, which can shorten the lifespan of both the chewer and the chewee. It might also be helpful to get a deterrent spray that makes cables, and anything else you don’t want your dog or cat to chew, taste bitter.

The power of play: The primary reason that pets chew is that they’re bored or looking for stimulation. Give your pet toys or treats to redirect the chewing behavior toward an approved item. Also, play with your pet. It makes life better.

So there you have it, five tips to keep your pet away from your cables and your cables away from your pet. May your pet always be paw-some.

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