October 10, 2016

9 gadgets they didn’t tell you that you needed for college

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

You can plan and plan your college packing list, but you won’t figure out what you really need (and don’t need) until the semester’s underway. Chances are good you could put the following gadgets to good use, but you probably forgot to pack them.

So take a look at these nine devices and accessories and save your semester by keeping charged all day long.

1. A mini projector: You might not have a TV, but you don’t have to watch an entire season of Stranger Things on your phone. Mini projectors can stream TV-sized video from your phone to your wall. You too can host movie night in your dorm!

2. VR headset: We aren’t at holodeck levels of virtual reality, but the VR headsets on the market right now are a huge technological leap forward.  Snap one up to stay ahead of the curve — it might be a welcome escape.

3. Charging cables: The cable that came with your phone typically doesn’t last long, and gets beat up in backpacks, purses, and pockets. It’s always good to have a backup. But don’t just buy a cheap one off the counter at a convenience store, only to get frustrated when it barely works.

4. Electric kettle: Perfect for making tea or some cup o’ noodles, it’s also a necessity for making the best French press coffee.

5. E-reader: Depending on your classes, you could get your textbooks as digital versions, saving money and the strain of carrying around so many oversized books.

6. A fitness tracker: The connection between exercise and mental well-being is one of those amazing aspects of human life. People who exercise do better in school, and are much less likely to become depressed. Fitness trackers will help you stay in shape.

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7. Rechargeable bike light: In a big city, bikes can get you anywhere. On a big campus, they can get you to class fast. But biking at night presents its own risks. USB rechargeable bike lights to make sure you can always see your way home and they’re easy to keep charged.

8. Extra mobile phone battery: There are going to be days when you leave your dorm in the morning, sit through class, go to your work-study job, then hang out with friends. Having a spare battery means you never have to worry about where you’ll plug in. Ventev’s powercell 3015c features a slim design that you can take anywhere, and enough power to let you stay there.

9. A mini tool kit: Beyond the first few days of assembling hastily purchased furniture, someone is going to need a Phillips-head screwdriver at some point. It might just be you, or it could be your cute neighbor.

So there you have it: a college packing list that makes you smarter, happier, safer, able to host movie night, and a coffee aficionado. You are on your way to becoming a dorm room hero. You’re welcome.

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