November 7, 2016

After clearing digital clutter, these are the apps Carley Knobloch depends on

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

Life coach, digital stylist, and HGTV host Carley Knobloch is dedicated to helping people use technology to better their lives. A lot of her advice stems from problems that she’s encountered in the digital world. And she continues to puzzle over why tech that promised to make our lives easier has often done the opposite.

“My business revolves around my laptop,” Knobloch writes, “which can be a tool of record-breaking productivity or, 16 browser tabs later, can completely overwhelm me. Oh, and can we just discuss Pinterest? Distraction City.”

Her advice, found on her beautiful website,, is full of tips for clearing digital clutter and using apps and gadgets to stay focused. And she’s not above telling people to put down their phones. One gadget she recommends: a paper notepad for jotting down to-do lists.

We caught up with this down-to-earth tech guru to talk about what’s on her phone, and what happens when she runs out of power.

Right now. How many unread emails or texts do you have?

30-50 is my comfort zone. If I have more than 100, I start to get hives.

What’s the first app you check in the morning?

The New York Times. Then Instagram.

What’s the last app you check at night?Carley's phone

Instagram. Then the New York Times.

What’s your most-used app?

Inbox by Gmail

Name an app that you are surprised you depend on.

Slice, which tracks all my packages. I do a lot of

What’s your favorite filter?


Your most-liked Instagram photo?

Me, fancy at the Oscars.

What time is your alarm set for?

6:30 a.m. I either meditate for 15 minutes before the kids get up or hit the snooze button.

What places are listed in your weather app?

Los Angeles, Malibu (it’s a totally different temperature by the beach!), Toronto, New York, Paris (a girl can dream).

What’s the craziest place you ever lost power to your phone?

ANYwhere my phone dies it’s crazy …. Crazy how dependent we are on those little buggers!

Wanna know more? Follow Carley on InstagramTwitter, or check out her website for great tech tips.

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