January 3, 2017

We asked our team: What are you looking forward to at CES?

By Team Ventev Topic:

CES is just around the corner, so we’ve asked our team to tell us a little bit about what they hope to see this year. Check out below what they think will stick—and what won’t—in the year to come.

“Professional drones. Now that the FAA licenses drones, will B2B pick up?” – John, Head of Product

“Seeing the different technologies like OLED, SUHD, and displays pushing 8K resolution are major eye candy for me. I would also like to see more integration of Android into the TV scene.” –David, Quality

“Earlier this year, I read a little into lithium-air breathing batteries. They’re air-breathing because these batteries use oxygen as the oxidizer instead of using it as a material. These can last longer than your standard LiPo battery and cost less as well! That would be good for devices.” –David, Quality

“Augmented reality and VR are going to be huge this year. I think we’re finally at the point where this tech will start taking off exponentially.” – Drew, Product Manager

“Whole room charging. Unless Apple announces a product that will use the technology or Intel buys someone and builds it into their chipsets, this could be the last year for selling the idea of ubiquitous charging.” –John, Head of Product

“Some of the IoT applications aren’t pertinent.” –Joel, Head of Sales

“It would be cool if we were able to pack more power in a smaller area. With more devices needing different means of faster charging, the batteries will need to have more capacity while not growing in size.” –David, Quality

“You seriously want me to give away our secrets?!” –Cheryl, Head of Engineering and Quality

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