February 8, 2016

How to care for a portable battery

By Team Ventev Topic: Portable Power

Your portable battery is always there for you – connecting you to that important phone call from your boss, keeping you well-read on your morning subway commute, boosting your energy on a long run by blasting your pump-up songs. But as much as your battery takes care of you, can you say that you’re taking good care of it?

Lucky for us, portable batteries are pretty resilient. If you avoid trying any wild YouTube stunts, there aren’t a whole lot of ways you can damage it. But the one thing sure to hurt your battery is extreme temperature swings.
Whether hot or cold, weather is not an electronic device’s friend. We test our powercells to withstand extreme temperatures – cold to hot and back again – to make sure our products function properly in each scenario. But serious temperature swings aren’t good for any battery.

Think of regulating your battery temp like you would your body: When the weather is hot, keep it cool. When the weather is cold, keep it warm.

Don’t leave it on a car seat, on a beach blanket, or on a windowsill that gets hit with direct sunlight. Don’t leave it in your car or in any uninsulated space during winter.
What happens if you do? The effects are different for hot and cold. But in short, exposing a battery to extreme heat decreases the actual cell life. In turn, you’re shortening the life of the portable battery product, and you’ll have to buy a new one sooner than you would otherwise.

One other weather consideration to mention is precipitation. Moisture isn’t a friend to electronics, so keep them away from water, and don’t try to use them in the rain or snow. Even a small amount of water can do serious damage to your devices, so charging your phone by the pool on a hot summer day is a double no-no.
Portable batteries keep you connected when you need it most. Careful attention is paid to designing quality, durable powercells that will last for years (about 500 cycles) and remain that reliable power source in an unpredictable world.

Now it’s your turn to care for your battery to ensure it has a long, healthy life and remains your trusty sidekick.

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