June 6, 2017

Charcandrick West tells us what’s on his phone

By Team Ventev Topic:

Hey, this is running back Charcandrick West. Just wanted to say hi to everyone out there on World Wide Web and thank Ventev for featuring me on their blog. Ventev’s mobile accessories are definitely an asset in my life and offer comfort in my line of work as a pro athlete while being on the road to compete. So, with that enjoy my Q&A, stay Charged Up and #MOPWR2U #TeamVentev

Number of unread emails/texts: 

22 emails and three unread texts…. I’m pretty good about looking and answering my emails and texts.

Current battery percentage:

90 percent, duh. I have a Ventev powercell 6000+ charger and my agent lets me use his chargestand 3000c when I visit his office.

Battery freak-out point (for example, 10%):

20 percent. When that battery icon turns red and the iPhone offers to go to low battery mode I can’t stand it.

First app checked in the morning:

Twitter, gotta stay informed.

Last app checked at night:

Snapchat, helps me wind down and laugh a bit before bed.

Most-used app:

Anything social media!

App you depend on the most:

Twitter once again to stay informed.

Favorite emoji:


Favorite filter:

I like geotags on Snapchat to let everyone know where I am.

Your most-liked Instagram photo:

Me and my brothers after the division championship game!!!! Posted January 1, 2017.

AFC WEST CHAMPS!!#chiefskingdom I love y'all boys!!!#happynewyear

A post shared by Charcandrick West (@charcandrickwest) on

Places listed in weather app:

Cullen, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Denver, Colorado (Need to know the weather for our rivals) and … Amsterdam? Yup, I guess Amsterdam, lol.

Favorite food-related app:


Craziest place you ever lost power to your phone:

Airport … you would have thought I was fully charged. Luckily, I packed a Ventev powercell and was able to charge up and regroup while on the plane.

How many mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) do you use daily?

Two iPhones, one iPad, a Surface Pro, and my smart watch. So 5.

How do smartphones or tablets play into your daily routine as an athlete (game film, entertainment on the road, music for workouts)?

Aw man, our lives revolve so much around technology these days that it’s a gift and a curse. But, if we learn to use tech the right way and responsibly it definitely makes our lives easier and efficient. My iPad and my Surface Pro are key elements to watching film, reading my playbook, and studying/mastering my craft. Also, my music is on all my devices and I love my smartwatch. The smartwatch is stylish and functional. It really is a cool gadget to have around your wrist. It is like a second brain.

What’s your favorite form of entertainment on the road (Netflix, movies, reading, social media)?

I love using Snapchat to give everyone a glimpse of “a day in the life of a football player.” Our fans are the reason we are here and the reason we get to do what we love. Making them a part of my life is important. I would have to say social media.

On your phone, click on Settings, then Battery: What app has drained the most power from your phone in the last 24 hours?

Twitter and Snapchat are almost tied!!! Texts come in close second.

Tell us about a time you were really glad you had your phone with you (for example to take a photo, make a call, etc.).

When I extended my contract! I had to call and tell my family and snap a pic.


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