April 10, 2017

For Elena Delle Donne, it’s Instagram before, after, and in-between basketball

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Elena Delle Donne is hands down one of the WNBA’s biggest stars. The recent trade of the 2015 WNBA MVP from the Chicago Sky to the Washington Mystics is said to be one of the biggest in league history. Former Vice President Joe Biden even sent her a note after the trade – letting her know that D.C. is pretty close to Delaware, their home state and alma mater.

But what we don’t know about her is how she stays connected. Pro athletes depend on their smartphones to watch game film online, share outtakes from the day, stay connected to family, friends, and fans. They end up combating the same battery drain problems as the rest of us. We caught up with Elena Delle Donne (seriously, we’re still out of breath — this woman can run) to get an inside look at what’s on her phone.

Number of unread emails / texts: 13 unread emails / zero unread texts

Current battery percentage: 32 percent

First app checked in the morning: Instagram

Last app checked at night: Instagram

Most-used app: Instagram

App you depend on the most: Maps, Yelp

Favorite emoji:

Favorite filter: No filter, I’m au naturel.

Your most-liked Instagram photo: Anything with Wrigley.


We are ready!!! Let’s go Cubs! #cubs #worldseries @thewrigleydelledonne

A post shared by Elena Delle Donne (@de11edonne) on

[Editor’s note: For perspective on this picture, Delle Donne is listed at 6’5,” so Wrigley the Great Dane is … really tall.]

Places listed in weather app: Delaware, Bahamas, D.C., Annapolis, Chicago, and Orlando.

Favorite food-related app: Yelp!

Craziest place you ever lost power to your phone: I’m usually very aware of my battery life and do not allow it to die. But I lost power using maps before and had to pull over and buy a car charger because I was completely lost.

You can follow Elena Delle Donne on Instagram or Twitter. Or you can follow Wrigley, who also has his own Instagram account, with over 37.1K followers.

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