March 13, 2017

Extra Power for the Nintendo Switch: You need it

By Team Ventev Topic: Tech Specs

It looks like the Nintendo Switch is going to be a big hit. Early reports of sales are strong, and the system is the exclusive platform for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has some of the highest ratings of all time.

Gamers love the Switch for its portability — it’s about the size of a phablet when undocked. At the same time, it offers game complexity that rivals that of home consoles.

That gaming power comes with one big drawback. The Switch is somewhat of a power hog. Reports say that its battery will last three to five hours. But gamers worried about keeping the Switch portable are in for some good news.

The challenge of charging the Nintendo Switch

Because the Switch uses so much power, many chargers can only delay the battery from hitting zero because they don’t deliver enough power. An underpowered charger might slow the pace of battery drain, but won’t fill the battery while charging.

The folks at YouTube gaming show The Know used a 12-watt charger (5V, 2.4A) and found that it added about two hours of playtime. After the Switch ran out of battery, however, it required eight hours of charge time.

How to keep the Switch charged on the go

So what do you do if you want to take the Switch to a friend’s house without the dock? Or on a long car ride, or on a family vacation in a hotel?

Find a more powerful charger.

Switch’s charging port is USB Type-C™, which is powerful enough to extend game time for even the longest of road trips. The Switch’s dock provides about 39 watts, so find a comparable Power Delivery charger.

Ventev’s wallport pd1300 connects directly to a wall outlet, and delivers up to 45 watts. The dashport pd1300 delivers 27 watts in the car, great for keeping the kids occupied with Link’s adventures in the back seat.

Both chargers will provide enough wattage to keep the battery topped off.

Overall, the success of the Nintendo Switch could bridge the gap between mobile and console gaming. If we’re lucky, other console manufacturers will follow Nintendo’s lead and use USB-C ports for charging. That’ll make it easier for gamers to keep gaming.

Until then, happy adventures on the Switch!

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