September 9, 2016

Fashion and technology collide: 4 fashion influencers talk gadgets, power, and staying connected

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

Are you an Instagram devotee snapping pics of everything you find in that perfect shade of #glossierpink, sharing your #ootd, and keeping tabs of your favorite fashion influencers? Then you’re probably well aware that it’s time for New York Fashion Week. With schedules that run from dawn way past dusk, we asked four of our favorite fashion influencers how technology helps them build their fashion empires while staying connected to their fans.

Ashley Hargrove and her company, DTK Austin Styling, are well known for their work styling for commercials, magazines, and other productions.

Serein Wu is a beauty blogger and YouTube personality who specializes in makeup reviews and style on her YouTube channel “Dress Yourself Happy.”

Sydney Carver runs the fashion site “Summer Wind,” named after the Frank Sinatra song, and calls her personal style “timeless and classic with preppy influences.”

Kyrzayda Rodriguez is a full-time mom and fashion blogger who can be seen on the 2012 season of Esquire’s “Glam Fairy,” as well as current segments of “Acceso Total.”

Here’s how they do it:

How do mobile devices and technology play into your daily work and activities as a stylist in the fashion industry?

Hargrove: They play a HUGE role. Prior to pulling for a shoot, I am researching online which stores have particular products I am looking for. When I’m out shopping, I’m continuously using my cell phone to look at line sheets, style boards, and talent info. I would be lost without my phone!

Rodriguez: Technology plays a big role in fashion. One helps the other. Phones, chargers, computers—we all need these to connect to social media, and social media sells fashion.

Carver: I would say I rely on my mobile device even more than my laptop. I’m constantly on the go and my phone is always with me. Between social media, e-mails, texting, etc., my phone is very well-loved!

What’s your battery freak-out point?

Wu: I’m a bit type A, so I freak out at 50 percent if I’m not at home or about to get in my car. When I see the 20 percent warning, I panic a bit. Having a backup battery has made me a lot more relaxed these days.

Hargrove: Depending on if I’m out and won’t be going back to the house: 50 percent! I know that it all goes downhill quickly from there.

Carver: It used to be around 10 percent, but recently my battery has been dying at 30. Yikes!

How about the worst place you’ve lost power?

Wu: When I landed in NYC and realized my phone was completely dead!

Carver: The worst is when I’m supposed to be meeting up with someone and I lose power and then can’t find them! I’ve also lost power when trying to pay with my Starbucks app at the counter.

How often do you re-charge throughout the day?

Hargrove: If I am near a charger, my phone is ALWAYS plugged in.

Before portable power, how did you stay charged up throughout the day?

Wu: I would try to bring along my actual plug and cord, but I’m awful about that so I really didn’t have an option other than to turn my screen super dark and pray it wouldn’t die on me.

What app do you use the most?

 Carver: Probably Instagram. It’s my favorite and the one I use the most for my blog.

Do you have a favorite gadget and accessory color combo?

Wu: I love white and gold; there’s something very simple and clean about it.

Ventev white battery and gold Alloy cable

What’s the tech-fashion hybrid product you wish would hit the market?

Hargrove: An app tailored specifically for commercial wardrobe stylists—you could easily set up pulls, purchase merchandise, and confirm small details, so you don’t have to spend hours emailing people with shoot info, sizing, details, return dates, etc.

Carver: A dress with pockets, and the pocket would charge your iPhone!

What are your five must-have items that you always have in your purse?

Rodriguez: A fashionable portable charger!

Hargrove: My powercell 3015c is literally the first thing I have to transfer from bag to bag. Not only do I need it, but my husband always asks if I have it! Next would be my wallet, chapstick, phone, and keys.

Wu: I have to have lip balm. My current one is 3lab healthy glow; it’s pricey, but I feel like my lips are smoother and plumper thanks to the balm. Floss, since there’s always something in my teeth! My iPhone 6s Plus—it’s huge, but so worth the extra screen space for work. Tatcha blotting sheets—I don’t carry much makeup on me, so these sheets help me stay shine free if I need a touch up. And of course my extra battery for a full charge! I would be in so many bad situations if I didn’t have the super slim, lightweight powercell 3015 from Ventev.

Finish this sentence: Staying powered means I can…

 Rodriguez: Staying powered means I can stay connected and keep you guys in tune on my next stop!

Keep up with Ashley, Serein, Sydney, and Kyrzayda during NYFW and beyond by following them on Instagram and Twitter:

Ashley Hargrove:

Instagram: @DTKAustin  // Twitter: @DTKAustin

Serein Wu:

YouTube: Dress Yourself Happy // Instagram: @SereinWu  // Twitter: @SereinWu

Sydney Carver: 

Instagram: @SummerWind41490  // Twitter: @SummerWind41490

Kyrzayda Rodriguez:

Instagram: @kyrzayda_  // Twitter: @KyrzStyle

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