May 22, 2018

Hammer vs. smartphone: How to protect your phone from damage

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle Tech Specs

Americans have spent approximately $14 billion repairing iPhones over the past 10 yearsAnd that’s just the iPhones. The most common type of damage? A cracked screen, surprise, surprise.

Bottom line is you need a screen protector.

That’s why we created Ventev toughglass.

Made from shatter-resistant tempered glass, toughglass screen protectors are 9H hardness rated to withstand scratches and major impacts.

But can it stand up to multiple blows from a hammer?

Find out in the videos below, where we put an iPhone X and Galaxy S9 under the hammer, and also explain how to install toughglass on your phone to get that smooth, bubble-free look.

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