December 12, 2016

Holiday gift guide 2016: Ideas for everyone on your list

By Team Ventev Topic:

Woo hoo! The holidays are coming and it’s time to visit family, make the rounds at holiday parties, eat, wear ugly sweaters, and laugh with old friends.

It’s also time to find the perfect gifts for everyone in your life. We’ve compiled this list of easy gift ideas for your whole list.

For the globe-trotter:


You have a sibling studying abroad or a friend who disappears a few times a year to trek across Europe or explore Asia. Whether they pack heavy or light, there are a few essentials that’ll make their life a little easier. Protect their passport with a stylish cover, upgrade their carry-on bag, and prepare them for the 13 different types of electrical plugs in the world. The global charginghub 300 can be configured to charge their phone in 150 countries, and our flat, tangle-free chargesync cable won’t get tied in knots in a suitcase.

For the best mom in the world:


Moms are huge inspirations and hard workers. Whether you’re buying for your own mom or your friend with kids, there are a few gifts that’ll keep her charging ahead and help her relax at the end of the day. The dashport r2240 keeps her charged up and connected to her kids, coworkers, and friends while driving everyone to soccer practice and school dances. Also, consider finding a nice frame to showcase the photos she magnets to the fridge. A bath bomb, candle, and spa eye mask will help her end the day with a little “mom time.”

For the #1 dad:


A lot of the dads we know are hardworking guys motivated by steak, cigars, and toys that delight the inner child. They always have something going on. You can’t go wrong with a multi-tool or pocketknife, and you can save them the hassle of shoe shopping by gifting a new pair. Help dad decorate his man cave with an autographed baseball or add a drone to his toy chest. He’ll never have to stop for directions with the magdock 360, which attaches to his car’s air vent with a clip and an arm holds the phone in place with magnets for hands-free navigation from his favorite app. And Dad will always appreciate a night out at his favorite steakhouse.

For techies under 22:


Skip the niceties and go straight to what they need: style and technology. A warm hat for winter nights or what some consider the height of hipster fashion will serve them well. A Bluetooth speaker is great for the beach or their bedroom. Grab them a phone case in their favorite color to protect their favorite device. And when all the Snapchatting, Spotify, and a marathon Pokemon Go sessions have drained their phone, the powercell 3015 and a 6-inch chargesync cable ensure they’re never too far away from a power supply.

For your office Secret Santa:


Coworkers can be the hardest people to buy for, especially when it comes to the Secret Santa. If you get a coworker you don’t know well, play it safe. Everybody needs a coffee mug and a desk calendar. And everybody has a cell phone, some people more than one. The USB charginghub rq600 has 6 charging ports that deliver maximum power to most devices.

For those in love with the outdoors:


With a chill in the air, your mountain man or woman could use a better thermos for a hot coffee, and a flannel shirt and boots for a warm and dry hike. And when they ascend to a clearing to snap a picture of the sun rising, the mighty powercell 6000 makes sure their phone is ready to snap the shot and tweet that pic to the world.

For the person who always takes selfies in the gym:


The powercell 3015c is a slim, lightweight powerpack for your fit friends to keep the music flowing while they lift weights or try to hit their step count goal on a new fitness tracker. Pair it with an ab roller and a shaker bottle for those protein drinks, and you’ve got great gifts for that on-the-go fitness nut.

For shutterbugs: 


So many cameras, so many cool effects. The warm tones of 35mm film, the speed of a good digital SLR. If there’s someone in your life that mysteriously disappears during a hazy late afternoon when the sun is setting, they’ll appreciate a powercell 6000, and the ever-stylish chargesync alloy cable, to give them the power they need to stay connected out in the field and back up their footage to a laptop as soon as possible.

For the glamour bug in your life: 

For that friend who enjoys a glamorous night on the town, check out the rose gold and gold alloy chargesync cables. Their metallic finish goes well with a shiny clutch, a little bit of bling, and some fancy mugs for Moscow Mules.

Don’t forget the stocking stuffers: 


The stocking, quite often the most exciting part of opening presents, is often overlooked during shopping. Go with the standard lottery tickets, gift cards, or candy, or be everyone’s favorite relative by stuffing those giant red socks with a powercell 3015, a chargesync cable, or a mini Bluetooth speaker.


When you finally finish all of your shopping, celebrate with a treat for yourself. Maybe you can use this very list as a guide. We won’t tell anyone. Happy holidays!

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