July 17, 2017

How We Designed and Patented One of the Toughest Cables on the Market

By Team Ventev Topic: Tech Specs

Everyone who has ever owned a smartphone has had a problem with charging cables.

They break. They fray. They stop working for no apparent reason.

We set out to make something better. Something rugged and durable that also looked good, something consumers could rely on.

Our vision and product development resulted in the chargesync alloy cable, which just received a patent for its design. It has quickly become one of our most popular products.

We started by setting a few design parameters to work from: a beautiful, sleek, and rugged aesthetic. We wanted braided cables because they look great, and a metallic finish would visually reinforce the idea that these cables were built to last.

“While there are a slew of options on the market in a range of lengths, colors, and shapes, Ventev’s Chargesync Alloy is our pick for best lightning cable for its durable, tangle-free design and stylish finishes.” –InStyle

There’s one problem: when made from cloth, braided cables typically tend to fray.

Some of the cloth or fiber weaves we tested just weren’t strong enough.

Finally, we hit on the idea of using durable PET plastic strands. By using our patented design and PET, we not only produced the metallic look we wanted, but also created a durable casing for the cable.

We even looked at metal outer strands to achieve this metallic look, but they simply aren’t as durable and weather resistant as PET.

The thickness of the strands and how tightly they wrapped around the internal cable affected the look. Interestingly, adding more strands or fewer strands also affected whether the cable appeared metallic. That metallic sheen was a big hit – especially when we started selling a rose gold finish.

“We all love rose gold, and now Ventev has a super high quality iPhone charger to match your rose gold iPhone! (It comes in seven other colors, too :)” –:)” – Elvis Duran and The Morning Show

Cables endure a lot of abuse. The typical cable gets yanked out of pockets, backpacks, and handbags several times per day. They get caught on all manner of corners and beat up over time. Using plastic allowed us to take advantage of a braided material that can tolerate a lot of pulling and is also very flexible.

We also paid special attention to the details. The connectors are housed in brushed aluminum, with a tapered design to protect where the wire attaches, and we’ve tested the alloy cables to make sure they withstand real-world conditions. The connectors and where they attach to the wire are a common point of failure with poorly made cables. So we pay extra attention to how they break.

We even applied the lessons we learned just last year when one of our employees noticed that his daughter’s cables were breaking over time in a very specific way. We sent a team to his house and found his daughter had a unique way of handling the cables. We fixed them.

“Why let your iPhone have all the rose-gold glory? This charging cable will keep your style in sync.” – Refinery29

The chargesync alloy was also designed to meet all of the latest tech requirements. The Lightning chargesync alloy is, of course, MFi certified. Both the micro USB and the USB-C cable are Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ compatible. And the USB-C chargesync alloy cable can provide up to 3 amps of power and is USB-IF certified. Maybe that’s why Business Insider called the chargesync alloy the best durable cable around.

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