July 17, 2018

HTC U12 Plus first look: A stylish phone your hand will want to hug

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Could buttons on smartphones be going the way of the dinosaur? The Galaxy S8 ditched the physical home button in 2017. Apple got rid of the home button on the iPhone X late last year. That has left both phones with just , the volume buttons on the side as the sole mechanical interface for the device.

The HTC U12 Plus  went one step further and got rid of mechanical buttons altogether. Sure, it looks like it has buttons, but they’re just sensors that feel your finger pass over them. For the most important functions, you simply squeeze the U12 Plus and it activates apps and other commands.

Combine that flair with the option for a translucent body, and we have one of the coolest looking phones of the past few years.

Features: It charges fast, and there’s no notch

Ever since the release of the iPhone X, we’ve seen the rise of the dreaded “notch,” a sensor or camera array that blocks a portion of the screen like a squared-off widow’s peak.

The U12 doesn’t have one.

But it still houses two cameras in the front, and two in the back. There’s a lens that allows bokeh effects on both sides. With bokeh, you can choose your focal point, so some parts of an image are in focus, such as a person’s face, leaving the areas behind it blurry.

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The lenses also feature a 2x optical zoom.

The U12 Plus also has four microphones, which can be focused on a specific part of a scene while taking video. HTC refers to this as “Sonic Zoom.”

Something that might turn a few heads: The HTC U12 Plus doesn’t support wireless charging, despite its glass back. It is, however, compatible with Qualcomm® Quick Charge3.0, which HTC says can charge this phone from zero to 50 percent in 35 minutes.

What the critics say: “an antidote to our current crop of Android phones”

Digital Trends points out that, “The HTC U12 Plus is on track to be a good phone that improves upon its predecessor in almost every way.”

Over at Android Authority, HTC gets points for its design, as well as the squeeze function, which offers cool customization possibilities. “It seems HTC is putting just as much effort into the basics as they are in the extras, and there is plenty outside of the core experience that makes the U12 Plus exciting.”

CNET says the HTC U12 Plus features “refinements aimed at making HTC’s new flagship an antidote to our current crop of Android phones — especially those with a notch.”\

The HTC U12 Plus is an excellent choice if you want a phone that looks good and works well. It’s proof that, once again, we don’t have to sacrifice style for performance. And yes, it’s Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ compatible, meaning that, in addition to looking good, it charges fast.

Key specs

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor
    • 6 inch Super LCD 6 display, featuring Quad HD+ resolution.
    • 12 MP wide-angle camera and 16 MP telephoto lens in rear; dual 8 MP cameras in front
    • 3,500 mAh battery
    • IP68 water resistance
    • 128 GB or 64 GB storage


  • Available in Translucent Blue, Ceramic Black, and Flame Red


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