May 31, 2016

The Life-Changing Magic of Charging Up: 4 Questions for Super Organizer Julie Naylon

By Team Ventev Topic: Tech Specs

Julie Naylon was always an organized person – and she honed those skills working as an assistant to epically busy Hollywood luminaries like Jerry Bruckheimer and Nora Ephron. After a stint in New York working for a professional organizer, she began to see the impact a tidy life had on the people she helped.

Back in Los Angeles, she struck out on her own, combining her passion for the environment with a desire to help he clients declutter. She’s been featured in magazines and been honored by her peers in the business. She’s even made an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, helping the funnyman scold a recalcitrant writer whose office looked like something from the show Hoarders.

Her approach is minimalist, and her twitter feed is loaded with maxims like:

So we hooked her up with a few of our charging hubs – ideal for organizing charging areas and cutting cable clutter – to get her thoughts.


Q: How do mobile devices play into your daily work and activities? Has it changed in the past five years?

Julie: I run a paperless office so mobile devices are crucial to my business. I use my phone to collect payment for my services and sign agreements. I also use it to show clients what products might work for them. 

Q: How many mobile devices do you have in your household (e.g. cell phone, tablet)?

Julie: My boyfriend and I each have a cell phone and one tablet. The tablet is rarely used as often because of the screen size of our phones now. 

Q: Where do you charge your devices? Could you share a photo?

Julie: We charge our devices in our office and next to our bed. For as much as we use our phones you need multiple charging stations. 

Q: Any tips for taming tangled cables or other tech messes?

Julie: I’m a big fan of the Ventev charging hub to keep all of our devices charged and organized. It not only charges our devices but also keeps it looking nice without all the messy cable. I also recommend Velcro cable ties or zip ties to corral messy wires under your desk.

Looking for de-cluttering help? Learn more from Julie here: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and her No Wire Hangers Blog.

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