June 27, 2018

Lifestyle influencers talk wedding planning tips, top apps, honeymoon essentials and more

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

Weddings and smartphones. They’re a combination that could create an awkward situation. Nobody wants to be the one whose phone rings in the middle of a ceremony. But for using the custom hashtag and Snapchat filter, taking selfies with old friends, and calling a ride home, smartphones come in handy.

They’re essential for brides, as social media personalities Hannah Brooke and Glory Barbaris tell us.

Smartphones helped Hannah and Glory do everything from booking venues and signing contracts to registering for gifts and planning their honeymoons.

Here are their insights on how to plan, stay connected, and have the wedding of your dreams.

Hannah Brooke: Wardrobe stylist offering budget-minded fashion tips

When is your big day?

October 4, 2018

How did he pop the question?

He proposed during my grandma’s 67th birthday in front on my family. I was totally surprised!

How has your phone helped in planning for your big day? What apps have been most useful?

Since I am planning everything on my own, my phone has been my go-to during this time. I screenshot images that I see online or on social media that might be helpful during the photo taking or decorating process. I also use my phone to take notes on pricing for the honeymoon, catering, etc. My favorite apps right now are The Knot app and The Target Registry app!

Are you incorporating tech into your wedding?

My wedding ceremony will be an un-plugged service/ceremony to make it more personal and intimate, but there will definitely be a Snapchat filter for the reception! We have a wedding hashtag that has been going since he proposed over a year ago; it comes in handy to look back at all the photos so far! We might get a photo booth as well!


What are five must-have items you plan to take on your honeymoon?

My bathing suit, sunglasses, Canon camera, phone, and a powercell 6000 to keep me charged.

Glory Barbaris: Wedding and event stylist, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel blogger, digital influencer, and founder and creative director of Always Creating Studio

When did you tie the knot?

We tied the knot on September 30th, 2017! Best day of my life since giving birth to my daughter six and half years ago.

How did your phone play into planning for your wedding and honeymoon? What apps did you find the most useful?

Omg! My phone played a huge role in the planning of our wedding and honeymoon, especially since there were so many vendors to coordinate with. My go-to apps were email, Notes, Instagram, Facebook, and for our honeymoon I used my photo and video apps a lot! From the contracts to the wedding day timeline and our travel agent, most of my communication with the wedding vendors was via my phone. I mean, as an influencer, my phone is everything, but even more so as a planner.

Were you connected or disconnected to your phone during the big day?

I was somewhat connected to my phone, but thankfully I didn’t get a lot of unnecessary calls or text messages. I think that was, in large part, due to me planning every single detail and sharing them with my wedding vendors before the big day. Also, I really lucked out with my wedding vendors because they were true professionals and I trusted them to execute my vision. Once the ceremony began, I was completely disconnected from my phone and it was amazing to be able to focus on our wedding ceremony and reception party with our closest family and friends!

Did you incorporate any tech into your wedding?

I actually did. I created an Instagram hashtag, but most of our guests didn’t use it, which I actually LOVED! It showed that our guests were completely immersed in and connected to our wedding celebrations and didn’t care about taking photos for the hashtag or social media. I actually forgot about it too, and I have zero regrets! It was a party to remember!

What was included in your wedding day essentials kit?

When it came to my wedding day, I only carried the bare essentials: my MAC lipstick (Amorous) that was gifted to me by my amazingly talented makeup artist, Kellie Brooks, my phone, and powercell 6000 just in case I needed an extra battery boost while getting ready.

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