February 5, 2018

Michele Suits: Photographer, Businesswoman, Instagram storyteller

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

The way your spouse looked at you on a sunset hike. The time your child held your hand on a long walk. Your best friend’s laugh at a summer bonfire.

We’ve all had these moments. The ones we could easily forget, if not for their simple beauty.

Photographer Michele Suits specializes in these moments. These are the times when “the light hit you in a perfect way, and you had no idea.” Suits elevates perfect light and everyday moments to depict her subjects as their best selves.

Her art, however, requires a mind for business. She shoots weddings, family stories, and brand imagery. Running a business requires a phone, one that’s charged.

Here’s how she balances art and business:

Tell us about your approach to photography. Where do you get your inspiration?

I tend to get my inspiration in the moment, often from the light. I try to have no preconceived notions when I shoot portraits, I find they block me from opening my eyes to unexpected inspiration. When I arrive to wherever I’m shooting, the first thing I look at is the light, and I go from there.

Every time I look back at this set, it amazes me how calm and still it looks. Like a peaceful painting, that I just want to freaking crawl into and take a month long nap. When, in reality, I shit you not….. there were hurricane strength icy winds on this beach. We were being pelted with cold ocean water and howling winds. We could barely hear each other speak, and Dana was actually FREEZING (for one of the very few times in the history of human existence that Dana has actually been cold). But, it just blows my mind to look back at it and see it as a soft, warm, calm moment, when that couldn't be farther from the truth. So, I'm just taking a moment to remember that not everything is what it seems, in all aspects of life, and appreciate that. Deep thought for a Tuesday night, aye? . // @nolatrees | @onlo_beauty @dianahmua | @aerie . . . . #michelesuits #quartermoonco #photographer #makeportraits #portraitphotographer #brandimagery #brandcontent #brandphotographer #brandphotography #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #bodypos #bodypositivity #bodyposi #selflove #aeriereal #aeriepartner #calledtobecreative #lookslikefilm #chasinglight #philadelphiaphotographer #phillyphotographer #buckscountyphotographer

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How is your phone incorporated into your day-to-day responsibilities as a photographer?

I use my phone every day to post on social media, read my emails, etc. My phone is a huge part of my business and the way I stay connected to my client base!

You’re constantly posting your work on Instagram, along with some hilarious Instagram Stories. Why are you so engaged on the platform?

Instagram is where a lot of my clients find me, and a lot of them say they book me not just because of my work, but because they can relate to me as a person — so, I definitely make an effort to be active and vocal about my opinions. I’m transparent. I try to just be me, my weird, goofy self!

For those without access to a top-notch camera, can you share any tips for taking photos with a smartphone?

The best tip I can give is to observe your lighting. You can have the best camera out there, but your photo will only be as good as your lighting! Look for soft, diffused light, ideally from a natural source, and you should be good to go!

How do you keep your phone charged when on a shoot?

My portable charger! It is a MUST-HAVE for any shoot, especially when I’m on location and don’t have access to a wall outlet!

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