November 28, 2016

One hand on her phone, and the other on the pulse of NYC. Gina Doost stays funny and charged

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

Gina Doost is a Middle Eastern mix of both Afghan and Persian heritage. She was born in Europe, raised in California, and currently lives in New York.

Her career? Just as eclectic.

She started interviewing celebs at 14 while working for a satellite station for Iranian expats. Armed with a journalism degree that she translated into gigs at CBS and Penguin Random House, she heads the lifestyle, fashion, and wellness blog Doost complements that site with social media posts about fashion and her adventures in a city she loves. It’s a sensibility that has garnered her tens of thousands of fans on Instagram and Twitter.

We caught up with her to talk about social media apps, staying charged, and a very unique story that involves a squirrel.

How many unread emails or texts do you have?

I wake up with anywhere from 40 to 100 unread emails. I might have 20 texts. WhatsApp is huge for me; since my site is so international, so are some of my clients. Between that and my family I wake up to 200 new messages just on WhatsApp.

What is your most-liked Instagram photo?

What’s your favorite filter?  

My favorite filter is the sunlight option on Instagram; on Facebook it’s the Auto tool, and the Radiate filter on Twitter. I don’t like altering images too much but I do play with the shadows, brightness, contrast, and saturation a lot. I went to journalism school in CA and one of the best classes I took was photojournalism with David Blumenkratz, who taught me so much about storytelling through an image. As well as how to alter them the more authentic way. 

Let’s talk about getting up in the morning. What time is your alarm set to?  

I have about three because I’m the queen of “five more minutes please.” I tend to name my alarms (on my phone) with the caption I want to use for my morning social media share. This way I don’t have to overthink my morning captions and they’re almost always very inspiring.

What’s the first app you check in the morning?

Gina's phone

My email.

Last app checked at night?

It used to be my Instagram always, but I’ve been using Facebook a lot more often now and find myself checking it last before bed.

Favorite emoji?


What places are listed in your weather app:

NYC, Los Angeles, Texas, Connecticut, Hamburg, and Curacao.

Since you just got married, what wedding app would you recommend?

Pinterest. Does that count?

What’s the craziest place you ever lost power to your phone?

The craziest scenario took place about two months ago when I was supposed to meet my husband.

It was during New York Fashion Week and I had just finished interviewing Rebecca Minkoff for an article. My then fiancé — now husband — was jogging around Tribeca. I was in SoHo.

I asked him to meet me halfway because it was a beautiful evening and I wanted to walk home. Then my phone died, which was so strange because

I was at about 30 percent still. Anyway, my phone died and I didn’t know how to reach Jeff, though I figured we would run into each other as we planned to take Broadway home.

I never saw him and once I got home to see him not there, I became very worried. I kept trying to call him but his phone was dead too. I plugged my phone in to charge with my portable Ventev and went back out to search for him. Still, his phone was off.

That thing happened when you start to suspect the worst and start noticing things you usually don’t. I saw a squirrel with broken legs trying to cross the street, dragging itself on his arms. I’ve never seen that before in our busy NYC neighborhood. Kudos to the squirrel because it dodged a lot of oncoming traffic. I hope it survived.

I kept searching within our neighborhood, thinking about what route he could have taken, then going there. I kept checking back home to make sure I didn’t miss him, but he wasn’t there. This went on for an hour.

I called my best friend freaking out. I was still roaming the streets. She thought I was crazy. She said “how do you expect to run into him in New York City?” and she urged me to go home and wait. I obviously couldn’t do that.

About 15 minutes into our conversation, I see Jeff running toward me. It’s funny how that happened — his journey to get to me was an epic one too. It involved taxis, subways, and having to put himself into my thinking process. And ultimately we found each other — no phone, just instinct — and that’s all that mattered.


Check out more of Gina Doost’s adventures at or on Twitter and Instagram.

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