May 15, 2017

Power Up Your Night Out by Avoiding These Disasters

By Team Ventev Topic: Devices Lifestyle

How many times have you spent all week planning a night out with friends, only to have everything fall apart once you actually leave your house on Saturday night? No matter how well you seem to plan, there’s always something that ends up turning your big night out into a total disaster. Whether you’re the type to text your ex, or that friend who always gets hungry right after the local convenience store closes, we’ve got solutions to make sure you get through the night.

  1. You’re kind of clumsy, and your phone takes the fall 

It happens: Whether you’re known for your butter fingers, get bumped by someone while texting, or fall asleep during a browse of the night’s Instagram pics, sometimes your phone screen takes the brunt of impact. Invest in a toughglass screen protector with a lifetime warranty and make sure you don’t wind up reading messages through a spider-webbed screen.

  1. You run into an ex—

Nothing ruins a night more than seeing an ex out with someone new before you’re ready. Luckily, technology has provided us with the wonderful app that is Split, which will alert you to your ex’s whereabouts so you can avoid them and anyone else they might be with.

  1. You look super cute, but you can’t take a selfie because it’s SO dark in here—

LuMee makes a case for that. Perfect selfie lighting, in any situation.

  1. You lose all of your friends, and you really need to find them, like, now

Sometimes you head to a crowded place and even though you swear your friends were right next to you a minute ago, they seem to have vanished into thin air, leaving you to a very lonely night. In case you get too distraught to pick up the phone and call them, share your location on Find My Friends before you go out, and they’ll be able to track you back down in no time.

  1. You religiously use all these apps already, and it drains your phone battery like whoa

If you’re the organizer, or the picture-taker, or the over-texter of the group, odds are you’re going to run out of battery halfway through the night. Unless you want to beg the bartender to do you a solid and plug you in behind the bar, or bring a huge tote with you to fit your bulky extra battery or charger and miles of cables, you need a slim, but powerful battery that will keep you going all night long. Cue the Powercell 3015c.

  1. You get hungry, but your favorite late-night snack hub justclosed

Sometimes you make it to the end of the night without any significant mishaps, and you’re having a really good time. Such a good time that you don’t realize it’s already 3 a.m. and all the local convenience stores are closed, leaving you with an empty stomach. Not to worry—GoPuff has you covered, with deliveries in a bunch of major cities at all hours of the night.

  1. You lose everything

Some people know how to keep track of their stuff when they go out. Some people really, really do not. If you’re in the latter camp, it might be time to invest in tracking tiles. Cancelling all your credit cards the first time is a pain. The fourth time? It’s time to make some life changes.

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