October 11, 2018

Putting our cables and chargers to the test: Inside the Ventev Quality Lab

By Team Ventev Topic:

How much strain can your phone cable handle? How many times can you bend it or plug it into a charger before it breaks?

If you’ve ever snatched up cables and chargers from a giant penny-candy bin next to the drug store cash register, then you know they probably only last about as long as you spent deciding on that impulse purchase.

It’s frustrating when those cheap accessories stop working. And we know how quickly they break.

We know because we test our products and we test the cheap products too. It’s how we know our cables can hold the average weight of a newborn giraffe and withstand up to 20,000 bends.

We do all of our testing in-house, in our Research and Development Lab. Take a look inside to see how we put our products through their paces and what they hold up against:

Our stress tests mimic scenarios of regular, everyday wear and tear. It ensures that our products provide the dependable durability you need to keep your devices powered up and connected.

So lay off those drug store accessories and try cables and chargers built to last. We’re so confident in our cables and chargers that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is one of the best in our industry.  

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