January 3, 2018

Question perfection. A Ventev intern’s journey to personal and professional growth

By Team Ventev Topic: Tech Specs

Ed. note: From time to time, we ask our former interns to write a guest post on this blog. We like to encourage students to enter the technology space and we believe these posts serve as good examples of what a new college graduate’s career path will look like. Today’s blog post comes from Leona Cee, from Towson University.

When I started my Ventev internship, I had a strange fear. I thought I’d need to be the perfect intern who knew how to do everything, or that there were some special skills that other interns might have had, but that I was, somehow, lacking.

I was afraid that if I failed or did something wrong, it would be the end of my professional life.

I put, in other words, a bit of pressure on myself.

The Ventev internship taught me differently. For that, I’m thankful. When I arrived at Ventev, I was seeking professional growth. I grew as a person as well.

One of the first things I learned was that it was okay to make mistakes as long as I owned up to them and learned from them. I learned that questions were the best way to gain knowledge and by asking them you can actually work more efficiently toward the end goal. I learned that Ventev wanted me to fully experience what it was like to work on a marketing team.

This was not, I’m glad to report, one of those internships that involved fetching lunch or coffee. Ventev valued me as a team member, and made clear that I was expected to bring a new perspective. I worked along with the marketing team to complete projects, and I was assigned tasks that were essential to the function of business.

The knowledge I gained went beyond the so-called soft skills. I gained a lot of practical knowledge as well. Ventev’s niche in the wireless product world requires a lot of decisions and a lot of intelligence. How do we convince people that faster charging improves their lives? How do we convince people to choose high-quality, premium chargers over their gas station competitors? Answering these questions often requires detailed knowledge of product specs, use cases, and material choices. Wireless products are what Ventev is all about and take pride in –and rightfully so.

Laura and Brandon were more than willing to explain everything to me. There were things I’d never thought of, like why they used certain technology in one product versus another or why they designed their packaging the way they did. The team was more than willing to help me every step of the way.

I can say I am a much better person because of my experience at Ventev. I am leaving this experience with less fear and a better understanding of the professional world that I know will serve me well. I am thankful to each member of the Ventev team, who took time to speak with me about what they do for Ventev and encouraged me along the way.

What I learned at Ventev boils down to this: Communication is the key to success in all aspects of life, so stop overthinking and realize that the people around you are more willing to help than you know.

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