April 29, 2016

Rose gold blooms in mobile devices, but Apple’s missing one thing

By Team Ventev Topic: Devices Tech Specs

It’s not the Pantone color of the year, but rose gold is the brightest new shade in the mobile device palette.

After Apple introduced the rose gold version of the iPad and iPhone last fall, the color represented 40 percent of preorders for the iPhone 6s.

There’s just one problem. iPhones and iPads still ship with the standard white charging cable. Boooring.

Luckily, Ventev Mobile now offers its chargesync alloy lightning cables in rose gold and gold hues that, along with silver and gray, complement any Apple device.

Stay powered up with this 4-foot alloy cable featuring an ultra-sleek brushed aluminum housing. Braided with a high tensile wrap, this tough cable provides a premium finish and “no-fray” durability.

Gabrielle Chung of CELEBUZZ was one of the first to try the rose gold cable, and based on her reaction, it’s safe to say she’s a fan: “Rose gold all day! This four-foot charging cable not only looks great next to your smartphone, but it’ll also withstand the test of time.”

The popularity of rose gold only seems to be rising as more and more devices add the color option. Fully embrace the rose gold movement as you charge your devices – go check out the new cables now!

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