August 24, 2016

The stay-charged back-to-school list for everyone in your life

By Team Ventev Topic:

It’s August, and that means many of us are headed back to school, whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a parent digging through your email for that list of school supplies you were supposed to buy. No matter what category you fall under, you’ll need to stock up on more than just No. 2 pencils and dry erase markers. So we put together this handy guide to the must-have items that aren’t on the usual lists.


This might surprise you, but teachers spend a pretty good chunk of change on back-to-school supplies – more than $500 per year, on average. And they increasingly use tablets and other mobile tech to augment their curriculum. So what should you get for the educator in your life? We recommend the powercell 6000, a portable power pack that doubles as a wall charger to keep phones and tablets charged all day long (does anyone really believe teachers leave the building at 3:30?) and fits easily in a purse or bag to stay out of sight.


High school students:

High school is a time for packing in extracurricular activities like sports, band, drama, and debate, and grinding out the grades in the ever-increasing competition for elite colleges and scholarships – all while curating an online identity through social media. All that studying and Snapchatting eats up a lot of battery. The ultra slim powercell 3015c will keep your teens charged on the go, so they can research their school project, stay in touch with friends, or call you for a ride in an emergency. When they’re finally home and recharging, reward their hard work with a rose gold cable to match their favorite device.


College students:

When kids attend college, it’s almost always their first time on an extended break from their parents. Make sure they can never claim their phone died to get out of calling home by equipping them with the desktop charginghub s500, the powercell 3015c, and the global charginghub 300 (for when they study abroad). No excuses!!




You thought you actually had to be a student to need back-to-school gear? Nope. The first day of class usually means big changes for parents, who get to shuttle their kids to music lessons, art classes, and sports practices. Stay powered up with the powerdash r900 on the road, and then when it’s finally time for homework, charge the whole family’s devices with the usb charginghub rq600.


Parent_2 (2)

Here’s to everyone having a good school year. We hope it’s not too early to offer congratulations to the Class of 2017! Stay charged everybody!

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