July 24, 2017

The mobile technology guide to essential school supplies

By Team Ventev Topic: Lifestyle

When it comes to mobile tech, we all love the fun stuff. Instagram, Snapchat, mobile games, and never missing a moment with friends.

But everyone uses their device for more than fun. For many of us, we use it for work, productivity, keeping track of our daily lives, and more. Kids are using them for homework, too.

And while kids are still on Facebook and Instagram, they’re also connected to school, 24/7. Educators are using apps like Remind and Google Classroom to reach out to students and parents. Teachers can offer students homework help and answer questions, as well as notify them of assignments and due dates. Gone are the days when parents received paper notes from teachers. Permission slips and class notices now go right to your phone.

While staying connected keeps everyone engaged, it uses a lot of power. Don’t worry. Just in time for back to school season, we have a list of accessories you’ll need to stay powered up, whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a student – wherever you are, with whatever device you have.

In the car:

Consider this stat: About one in ten students say they use the internet in the car or the bus to do homework every day. About one in four say they use the internet in the car or bus to do homework at least twice per month. Ventev’s dashport rq2300 is a powerful car charger that has two ports, one for the kids and one for the driver. Pair it with colorful chargesync cables that come in six-foot lengths to reach the back seat.

For younger students:

Elementary school students are more likely to have a tablet than any other mobile device – including laptops and Chromebooks. And 58 percent of all students say they have used a tablet for homework. Ventev’s wallport r1240 charger is designed to charge devices fast. Having one is a great way to make sure their tablet is always ready (for homework, of course) and that they don’t grab your phone charger so they can finish their latest assignment.

For teens:

Despite the prevalence of tablets among the youth, laptops rule the roost when it comes to homework. About 85 percent of students have used a laptop, netbook, or Chromebook to do schoolwork. A growing number of laptops and Chromebooks, like the MacBook and Google’s Chromebook Pixel, rely on USB-C connectors for power. Ventev’s wallport pd1300 is a 45-watt charger that can power these laptops. But because it relies on the latest charging specs, it can also modify its output to charge cell phones and tablets.

For parents:

The app Class Dojo is a big hit with parents. It’s designed to help teachers build a sense of community by giving them a way to share photos and send text messages to all of the parents in the class. Teachers can snap pictures of students on the playground, during lessons, at lunch, or in the hallway and share images throughout the day to keep parents updated on their child’s day. The Ventev charginghub s500 is a desktop charger with two AC plugs (with surge protection) and three USB ports. The best part? It holds phones upright while charging, so you can just look down and see your notifications, and pics of your kids in action.

For teachers:

“Teachers work harder than you do, no matter what you do,” according to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer George Clinton The same could be said of their phones. If teachers are using phones and tablets to take attendance and create presentations, when do they have time to sit near an outlet to power up? They don’t. Ventev’s powercell 6000c has enough juice to add 20 hours of internet surfing or 25 hours of talk time. It’s enough to get your average teacher to lunch, at least.

So if your kid is always on his or her phone, relax. They’re probably just doing homework, chatting with their teacher, or at least “multi-tasking.” Just make sure when summer ends that everyone has the power they need to study hard and stay connected.

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