September 20, 2018

The play-by-play guide to charging on game day

By Team Ventev Topic:

A college town on a Saturday afternoon in autumn is a magical place: Sunny, a bit cool, the smell of food in the air. It’s Saturday, game day, and that means tailgating.

It can also mean a massive drain on your smartphone battery, and the stakes couldn’t be higher, especially if your ticket is stored on your phone. No battery, no ticket, no game.

How do you keep your battery charged all day? By finding opportunities to stay charged. Here’s an hour-by-hour game plan for keeping your battery in the green.

8 a.m.: You wake up and start texting people to come over. The game is in a few hours, but nothing says school spirit like a hearty pre-game breakfast. Keep your phone plugged in with a spare charger  that you can use in your kitchen or your living room.

9 a.m.: Friends start arriving with coffee, doughnuts, egg sandwiches, and breakfast tacos. Set up a charging station so your friends can top off too.

11 a.m.: You embark on the long walk toward the stadium, gathering friends as you go. From the moment you walk out your door, you’re probably snapping pictures of your friends and fanatics in full team regalia. Bring a portable backup battery, the kind with foldable AC prongs and attached cable gives you the most options for staying powered up throughout the day.

Noon: As you near the sea of tailgating parties surrounding the stadium, you begin texting other groups and dropping pins to help them find you as you figure out where you want to hang out for cornhole. Snapping pictures, posting on social media, and streaming music from your phone to portable speakers continues throughout the tailgate and puts a serious dent in your phone battery before game time.

1:30 p.m.: Find food. Identify which of your friends’ parents are the kind of season ticket holders that show up with an RV. Those are the types that always have tons of food on hand for random stragglers. Take advantage of their generosity. While you’re at it, you might be able to find an electrical outlet to plug your portable battery into for a quick top off.

2:30 p.m.: Head back into the crowd for more fun as you make your way closer to the stadium. If a friend’s battery is not doing so hot, maybe you give them a little extra juice. The Ventev powercell 6010+ stores 6000mAh of power, enough to charge a phone nearly twice.

3:30 p.m.: Game Time. You pull up your digital ticket on your phone to get into the stadium. There’s nowhere to charge in a stadium. Hopefully, you weren’t too generous and still have some juice left in your portable power pack so you can take videos of big plays and touchdown celebrations during the game.

7 p.m.: End of game. You’ve been awake and using your phone for 11 hours, all the while sharing live updates from above the field and capturing moments with friends. You might be tired, but if you followed our advice your phone still has enough power to call a rideshare service to get you home.

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