September 12, 2017

The ultimate tailgate checklist: 10 items to help you get charged up before the game

By Team Ventev Topic:

It’s game day, and that means it’s time to tailgate. You’ve got your burgers, beer, and face paint all set. And sure, coal-fired grills and old fashioned solo cups make for a charming time. But with all the new gadgets available to charge up your tailgate, you might as well turn it up to maximum capacity. We put together a list of the best ways to power up your tailgate until game time rolls around.


 1. Wi-Fi hotspot: Data drains your battery, but you don’t want to shut down your live-streamed pre-game playlist. Bring a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to keep your whole party connected.

 2. Generator: A portable generator is the ultimate tailgating power supply. You can power pretty much any gear or gadgets you want with one of these, as long as you’ve got the right cords and connectors.

3. Ventev charginghub: Speaking of connectors, a charginghub may be just what you need. Tailgates are social events—everyone’s got games, devices, and gadgets that need charging. Make it simple by packing a Ventev charginghub so everyone can stay powered up as a team.

4. Smart cooler: Sure, packing ice into a regular old cooler will keep your drinks cold. But why bother when you could get one that’s solar-powered, has Bluetooth speakers, or comes equipped with a built-in blender? There are some great options out there for the cooler aficionado. 

5. Karaoke: Cornhole, ladder golf, and KanJam are classic tailgating games. But you know what would make tailgating even better? Karaoke. For those of us who don’t have hand-eye coordination, it’s a family-friendly activity that will get you pumped up for the game with some of your favorite songs. And with any luck, you can convince your tailgating neighbors to join in!

6. Proper lighting: It might be light out if you start your tailgating at 3 p.m., but as the year goes on, the days get shorter and shorter. Make sure you can properly illuminate your spread of food and drink in the evening hours. Flashlights, lanterns, light bars for the back of your tailgate—there are plenty of ways to keep the party going into the darker hours of the night.

7. Ventev powercell: The average tailgate takes about four hours, and a college football game can take up to four more. With all the Snapchatting and live-tweeting you’re going to be doing throughout the game, it’s probably a good idea to bring along an extra battery. Ventev’s got you covered.

8. Touch screen gloves: Football games can get cold. Ever heard of the Ice Bowl? Now, you want to stay as warm as possible and make sure you can keep up with everything happening in the Twitterverse.

9. Jumper cables: Tailgates require lots of juice, and sometimes that juice can suck your car battery dry. If yours isn’t dead by the end of the night, your neighbor’s probably will be. So be everyone’s hero and bring a set of jumper cables for a quick power up and timely exit once the game is over.

10. Bluetooth headphones: Not everyone who tailgates attends the game. In fact, 30 percent of tailgaters prefer to live out their game day experience in the parking lot rather than the stadium. If this sounds like you, try packing a pair of Bluetooth headphones for unimpeded radio listening. No knotted cords or accidentally jerking the ear bud out of your ear—just a nice, relaxing radio football game. 

 With these items at your disposal, your day will be a win no matter what the outcome of the game—just don’t forget your tickets!

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