April 11, 2016

What’s your battery freak-out point?

By Team Ventev Topic: Tech Specs

What’s your number? No – not the one with the area code. The one on your phone. The battery percentage point that makes you freak out and frantically search for a power source.

We asked more than 100 people – some attending SXSW and some in an online survey – that very question. And the results were kind of surprising! Check them out below.


  • For both Apple and Android users, 20 percent battery life was identified as the most popular point of concern.



  • Who ignores the early warning signs when the battery turns red? The group of 10 percent freaker-outers was mixed between ages. But more early millennials (aged 25-34) hit their panic point at 10 percent than other SXSW attendees; 12 percent more of them freak-out at 10 percent battery life than their younger (18-24) and older (35-44) counterparts.

Ventev SXSW 2016_Age Distribution for 10% Freakout

  • Most women identified 30 percent battery life as their freak-out point, while men wait for the red-flagged 20 percent before they search for power.

Ventev_Battery Breaking Points_SXSW 2016


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