chargesync flat Micro cable

Connects with: Micro USB
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These flat cables are designed for ultimate durability and tangle-resistance. They provide up to 2.1A of power to charge your device and can transfer your favorite photos, music and more.

  • tough tested design
  • supports up to 2.1A rapid charge
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

rainbow connection

Ventev’s flat, tangle-resistant chargesync cables charge your device and transfer your favorite photos, music, videos and more with ease. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth, and GPS devices. Supports Rapid Charge with 2.1A charging capabilities. Flat cable design for easy, tangle-free wrapping. Convenient charging from any standard USB port. Transfer data, music and video files from your device to any PC or Mac. Retail package presents 360 degree product view and maximizes wall/counter space.

Ventev Cable Technology

These are not your average cables, bought off the shelf, made who knows where. Ventev cables are finely engineered, highly designed, and incredibly durable. Through intense trials and many layers of validation, these cables have proven themselves as they’ve aced every test with flying colors.

Cable Exposed

to the benchmark and beyond

We put our money where our mouth is. Ventev benchmarks our cables, creating rigorous tests to ensure we not only meet industry, USB-IF, and MFi standards, but far surpass them.

survival of the fittest

Ventev cables have been pulled, bent, twisted, and flexed more times than you can count. They’ve battled custom machinery, cold, heat, and humidity. These cables are survivors.

innovate and improve

We never stop working toward improving our cables, continuously running R&D to progress toward even more outstanding quality. We constantly strive for better. It’s who we are.


the customer is always right

The consumer experience drives us forward. If ever a customer is unhappy with a cable, we won’t just replace it. We’ll investigate its failures and study the results. Your feedback matters to us.

at the top of our game

We pride ourselves on staying on top of the industry, creating cutting-edge products, and evolving with what’s next in technology. This has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve, and be first to reach the market.

a connection you can trust

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is no small claim, but that’s how strongly we believe in these cables. After everything they’ve been through, we know they won’t let you down. Ventev’s warranty guarantees excellence. Period.