dashport pd1300 car charger with C-C cable

Connects with: USB-C
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The Ventev dashport pd1300 features a new look and new technology. This single C connector car charger supports USB Power Delivery devices up to 27W including laptops, as well as Rapid Charge. With an illuminated USB port for easy plug-in, and easy grip design, the dashport pd1300 is perfect for USB Type-C™ devices.

  • charges 1 USB Type-C™ device
  • input: 12VDC
  • output: 27W
  • includes C↔C cable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 15W (5V, 3A), 27W (9V, 3A), 27W (12V, 2.25A)

night rider

The Ventev dashport pd1300 features a single C connector car charger supporting USB Power Delivery devices up to 27W, as well as Rapid Charge. Perfect for Type-C™ devices.

USB Power Delivery

USB Power Delivery is exactly what it sounds like. More juice delivered to your enabled smartphones, tablets, and even laptops via a USB Type-Cconnection. Resulting in up to 70% faster charging of smartphones, and increased power for larger devices without the need of a separate power source.


Safely charge at rates up to 70% faster

next-gen charging technology

45W of power
USB Power Delivery is truly the only power source you need. Powerful enough to charge not just your tablets and smartphones but even USB Type-C­­­™­ laptops.

safety first

maintain ideal voltage
With all this increased power you might be worried about damaging your device – don’t be. USB Power Delivery intelligently chooses a safe and fast charging rate depending on the devices connected.

one port for all

forever connected
USB Power Delivery makes the best of the USB Type-C™ connection: universal, reversible tips, plus more power and data.

Upside Down Is Right-Side Up

no wrong way

USB Type-C™ ­tips are designed to work in either orientation.


The connector tip on USB Type-Cis designed for increased strength and durability.

faster charging

USB Type-C™­ is capable of charging up to 3A, faster than 2.4A (Apple Lightning­™) and 2.1A (Micro USB).



Both our chargesync alloy and flat cables are designed to keep you from dealing with a nest of tangled cables.

next-gen optimized

USB Type-C™ is designed as a universal connection for the next generation of devices.