desktop charginghub s500

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The desktop charginghub s500 is the ultimate desktop companion. Eliminate the hassle of crawling around on your hands and knees under your desk, and bring the AC outlets and USB charging ports to you. This simple, all-in-one charging solution provides two surge-protected 120VAC outlets and three USB ports. Equipped with a non-slip base and a built-in stand to hold multiple devices, feel free to multitask as your devices charge or just relax.

  • charges 2 AC devices (1 tablet + 2 smartphones)
  • 2 surge-protected outlets, 3 USB ports
  • input: 120VAC plug
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • AC output: 1200W total, outlets 120VAC each
  • output: 22W total (USB port 1: 2.4A with Auto Detect, USB ports 2 & 3: 2A shared)

bring the power to your desktop

The charginghub s500 is designed to clean up your life and make it easier. With three USB ports and two surge-protected 120VAC outlets, this charginghub provides a hassle-free charging solution for any device. With a built-in stand, your devices are tucked away in a clean but visible fashion, keeping them usable and your environment organized.

Rapid Charge

auto detect technology

Ventev Rapid Charge products are designed to intelligently deliver the maximum amount of amperage the connected device can handle, at least 10W.


power protection

All that power is delivered to your device safely, with short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent protection standard in Ventev power products.