wallport r1240 wall charger with Apple Lightning™ cable

Connects with: Apple Lightning
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The wallport r1240 is a 12W (5V, 2.4A) rapid wall charger, capable of charging a smartphone or tablet. This compact, universal charger is perfect for those looking to keep their device charged and ready to go. Features folding prongs and short circuit/overcharge protection.

  • charges 1 tablet
  • input: 100–240V
  • output: 12W (5V, 2.4A)
  • includes Apple Lightning™ cable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

universal power

The Ventev wallport r1240 is a single output USB port, rapid charging 12W (5V,2.4A) wall charger. Universal compatibility for charging handsets or tablets. Will charge a device at its fastest possible rate, including power hungry tablets. Compact design featuring folding AC prongs with a soft touch finish. Includes an Apple Lightning cable.

Rapid Charge

auto detect technology

Ventev Rapid Charge products are designed to intelligently deliver the maximum amount of amperage the connected device can handle, at least 10W.


power protection

All that power is delivered to your device safely, with short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent protection standard in Ventev power products.