wireless chargestand

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This next-gen, super-fast 15W charger features two inductive wireless charging technologies in one. Harnessing the power of Qi and Fast Wireless Charging, the universal wireless chargestand is compatible with most wireless charging devices, including the new Apple phones. The adjustable puck allows charging in both portrait and landscape modes, or flat on a table. Charging is optimal when the puck aligns with the center of the back of the phone. Plus, the aluminum frame can be flipped, allowing the screen to be viewed at two different angles.

  • charges 1 wireless-enabled smartphone
  • universal compatability: Qi and Fast Wireless Charging
  • fast charging speed (15W)
  • input: 100–240V
  • wireless output: up to 15W
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • power cord: 6ft UL-certified power supply
  • gray and white color options

wireless power

This super-fast 15W wireless charger features two inductive wireless charging technologies in one: Qi and Fast Wireless Charging for a universal solution. 3x more power than the competition.

Optimal Wireless Charging Positions

There are 8 possible positions the puck can be placed on the wireless chragestand. We will call the bottom most position 1 and the top position 8. The table below shows the optimal position for the puck to charge your phone the fastest.

Wireless Charging

Just what it sounds like – power to your device with no cable or connector compatibility issues. Wireless charging is achieved through a base power station, charging your device simply by magnetic induction. There’s a technical answer or course, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s magic.

Ventev wireless charging is up to 3x more powerful than conventional wireless charging

charge like never before

from 0-50% in 60 minutes
With fast wireless charging and reliability that powers your device up to 50% in an hour, our products are some of the fastest in the market.

outlast power hungry apps

15W of power
Capable of powering devices up to 15W, you have the freedom to use your GPS, stream music, or use other apps while continuing to charge your device, unlike other wireless chargers.

  universal thinking

Ventev has harnessed the power of next generation Qi and Fast Wireless Charging technology for a truly unique offering that puts us ahead of the curve.